Day 20: Uncomfortable walking shoes

Okay, I want to first off admit that it's very difficult for me to remember taking a daily photo when an event is going on. Today I woke up at 2pm and then a few hours later, we had people coming over for our "Monster Hunter" bbq. I completely forgot to take a photo of all the delicious foods we had made. Isn't that whack of me?! I don't know how I didn't think that was a good photo opportunity. Alas, this is again, not a true "photo of the day" but I still think it's relevant to today anyway.

Yesterday I went for a walk for an hour in these shoes. It was really uncomfortable to be honest, but I didn't have any other shoes on me. I ended up getting a blister that is really bugging me right now. Moral of the story is, wear comfortable shoes if you're going to go around walking for an hour. Yeah. I think that's a given.

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