Day 2: League of Legends

It's been a little over a year since I first started playing a little well known video game called "League of Legends". An ex-friend of mine introduced it to me initially, but my boyfriend was the one who got me to actually download and play it. It went from a simple video game that I recall quoting, "I give this a good 3 months before I get tired of it....." to a game I can see myself playing until the next big thing. But let's face it, League of Legends isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It set a completely new standard in what we now like to call "esports".

With over 7 million registered player names, League of Legends is now the most popular game in the WORLD! Seriously, go ask a kid on the street if they know what it is. Most likely they will. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly is fun to play. Although not many will like the redundancy of the game's interface, the best part of LoL is the sheer amount of characters that are playable. There's always something to learn when it comes to this game and I think that's why I've been dedicated to it for as long as I have been.

The Meaning Behind The Wrist Bands
I collected these wrist bands at various League of Legends tournaments and from different people who work at the company. The pink and blue ones say "baylife" on them, which is a catchphrase from one of the pro teams, TSM. They gave these out at a finals event last year. Out of all of these though, I put the black and grey one on top because they are the most special to me. The grey one was given to me by one of the people working at the game's company (Riot Games) and was a special "vip" wristband where we could sit in the center of the stadium, near all the professional gamers and employers. It was one of the most fun video game events I had ever attended. The black one was given to me by the CEO's wife! She's a sweet lady who makes sure the fans are having fun and happy. At one of the events, it was really crowded and I needed to use the restroom. We were actually sitting near an area that was blocked off by the event people for the pro players to use to walk in and out of the viewing area. I asked her if I could go out that way but apparently, the event security were making sure that they only let people with black wristbands in and out. She was ultra busy that day, running around taking care of business, so I didn't want to intrude her by asking her to accompany in and out to use the restroom. But since she's the CEO's wife, she probably didn't need a wristband and just gave me hers! It was our little secret. I was basically able to go in and out of the area, as if I was part of the team or something lol. So yes, the black one does have quite some sentimental value to it.

Being involved in the League of Legends esports scene to me, is like an elite hobby that not all my friends know about or care about. I've always envied people who were really engrossed in sports or dancing or some kind of hobby that harbors a massive community of enthusiasts. Although I enjoy watching some sports and even dancing, I'm not completely submerged into the scene. With LoL, I am. And that makes me feel like I'm part of something.

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