Day 19: Little pink rose

Went to Oxnard for the weekend and decided to take a nice little walk around the neighborhood. Honestly, there is not much to look at. The surrounding streets are just more neighborhoods of houses and then there's a small park nearby. I walked around for an hour with my iPod and camera. I didn't even bring my phone. But I didn't find a lot of things to capture. Then, while I was walking through one of the neighborhoods, I noticed this little lady peeking out from the fence. It looked so cute! But it also looked sad at the same time. Right away, I imagined a princess so beautiful, wealthy, and has anything she could hope for, but wants to escape the duties of being 'royal'. I know, it's a very typical story, but that's what I thought of. Sometimes even flowers want to escape into the vast world beyond their roots.

I feel ya brah.

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