Day 15: Keto Cookies

Patrick is on the 'Keto diet' which is essentially like Atkin's, where you try to limit as much carbs in your diet as possible. I am not on Keto, because I love carbs and I am not a huge fan of meat. And honestly, it's easy for him because he can just eat a lot of meat to get full. I do eat meat, I'm just not that fond of too much of it. Anyway, I was looking for recipes for desserts that we could both enjoy. So I found a recipe for Peanut butter Keto cookies. I've made these many times before, but they were always so bland and blah. The texture was also not there since you couldn't use regular flour. I found out about Flax seed meal and it made all the difference in the world! Now the cookies actually look like cookies.

If you're interested in making these for yourself, don't let the picture fool you. They are actually quite good! Plus they are low in sugar and low in carbs. Win/Win. I'll proceed to explain the reasoning behind the ingredients and let you know how to make them.

1 cup old fashion peanut butter (yes, old fashion, because the regular stuff has added sugar in it.) 
1 cup of flax seed meal (for texture and it really does make a difference)
1 cup of Splenda (or any other 0 cal sugar alternative) 
1 or 2 eggs (usually 1 is okay but 2 will bind them a little better) 
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk (for moisture) 
2 tbsp of butter (I do not use butter btw, but it makes them much more flavorful and moist. I would only recommend butter for people ON Keto or low carb. If you're on a low cal diet, you can choose to omit.) 
2 tsp nutmeg (my secret ingredient!) 
1/2 tbsp of salt 

~ Mix dry ingredients first.
~ Mix in peanut butter with eggs
~ Slowly mix in the dry ingredients
~ Mix in almond milk  (you can use more or less almond milk, depending on how thick or thin the consistency is. It shouldn't be too thick.)

~ Preheat oven to 350F 

~ Use a baking sheet and use oil or pam to grease so cookies won't stick
~ Take even amounts of the mixture and roll into a ball with your hands
~ Gently place on cookie sheet and flatten them out (not too flat! Just until they look like cookies)
~ Put in oven
~ Bake for 15 minutes. 

~ Take out after 15 minutes and let it cool for 5 minutes.

~ Add whip cream on top for additional moisture.

~ If you're not on Keto, it tastes delicious with some blackberry jam!
~ Dip a napkin in some olive oil and wipe your hands with it when you're rolling the mixture. It will keep the peanut butter mixture from sticking all over your hands.


[EDIT 2/26] 
Bonus nutritional info Recipe includes 2 eggs and butter. 
For a batch of 12 cookies, each one has: 
Calories: 193 Fat: 15.3 g 
Saturated: 1.6g Polyun: 1g Monoun: .7g 
Cholesterol: 35.9mg 
Sodium: 127.1mg 
Potassium : 163.5mg 
Total carbs: 7.6g 
Dietary fiber: 4g 
Sugars: . 7g 
Protein: 8.3g
Net carbs: 3.6g
Credit to Sacrosaint from reddit for the nutritional info.

Kudos to my bf posting this on Reddit! I'm total noob with Reddit stuff but I hope you guys will enjoy it!
And how awesome is it that this guy posted all the nutritional info! Brilliant! This is perfect. As you can see, they aren't exactly "low cal" but they are low carb/low sugar, so is still a healthier alternative to regular cookies.

On one last note, someone on Reddit also mentioned how Keto diets do use "flour". That was my mistake. I should clarify that I know you can use flour (I was looking at Almond flour originally) but upon going to the store, I realized a small bag of it is quite expensive! I chose flax seed as an "alternative" because it's cheaper, although it doesn't have as smooth as texture as almond or coconut flour I'm sure. I also should've clarified that you can't use "WHITE FLOUR" on Keto. 1 cup of white flour = about 90g of carbs!! So sorry for the misunderstanding there.

Thanks for the feedback Redditors!

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