Day 14: Yogurtland!

I took this with my crappy 5 megapixel phone camera. It still counts D: 

Yes, I skipped day 13 because 13 is a bad luck number! 

Okay, I actually just completely forgot to. Actually, I did take some photos last night with my cell phone, but for some reason my crappy phone decided not to save any of them!! I'm so freaking mad!! Last night I went to see Jochem Miller with a couple of friends from school that I haven't seen in ages! It was so much fun and I didn't get home until 4am. I took some photos of us and some photos of the awesome venue, but alas, my phone ate them and won't give them back. :( Can't wait to upgrade in May! 

Regarding the photo, I just took this right now with my phone and edited it with Instagram filters. Not bad for a crappy 5mp phone right?? I got my favorite flavors: Matcha green tea and plain yogurt swirl. I'm boring like that and don't really like getting new flavors. I always make my yogurt servings really pretty like that, because I'm so used to doing it form when I worked at a yogurt store a few years back. We would serve them ourselves instead of letting the customers self serve, and we had to practice making it look pretty like that. So now I just always do it like this. Plus, it leaves a nice, deep gap around it for toppings :D Pretty AND convenient. 

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