Day 11: Copics

Copics are a designer's luxury marker. These little babies cost like $5-8 a pop! But they do deliver and they are far more superior than a Crayola (no offense, Crayola).

I don't really draw much anymore, but every now and then when I'm feeling inspired, I'll draw something in my sketch book. Most of the time though, I'm not drawing pictures of people or things. I like making designs! In this day and age, we're all used to using our computers to do design work, but there is something nicer about doing things by hand. Like letters for instance. An email just feels so impersonal. When I get hand written letters (which is very rare) it really 'means' something more, knowing a part of this person is contained in the letter. Your handwriting is unique to your own, and I think when you're drawing with your hands, onto a paper, it also transfers a personal feel. Not that there is anything wrong with drawing digitally. I just think it means more to do things by hand. And if there is anything close to using Pantone colors by hand, it would be through Copics.

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