Day 1: The Holographic Universe

I've been on a strong Astronomy kick as of late. It probably has to do with the fact that I've been taking an Astronomy class this quarter--on Saturday mornings no less.

I initially hated the idea of taking a class on Saturday but it's actually not so bad. The Astronomy class is really interesting and even though it's an extensive amount of information jam packed into 11 weeks, I find the subject fascinating. I can't say the same for the actual class though. My professor is pretty easy going and seems knowledgeable enough, but he's not very engaging when it comes to teaching the subject. Honestly, I've learned more just by reading the required textbook, watching youtube videos, and reading articles than I have from sitting in that class. Nonetheless, it's a nice break away from my usual classes.

At the end of our quarter we're doing a project on a topic of our choice. I chose to do mine on different galaxies and their impact in space over time. For example, our closest galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with our Milky Way in some odd billion years. We have nothing to worry about it in our lifetime but it's still interesting to know what that would be like.

I picked up a book by well known physicist Michio Kaku that I'll probably reference heavily on my project. I also got this book off Amazon, "The Holographic Universe" as a side read. I've actually heard a lot about this book and came across it several times online but kind of brushed it to the side because it wasn't really in my 'field' of interest. Turns out it has always been in my field of interest! I'm halfway through the book and it's an interesting read so far but it's definitely meant to be read with an open mind. The book delves into things outside of practical sciences and goes into the stuff that most scientists wouldn't dare try to bring up as 'factual' in any way. Everything from psychic powers and parallel universes. But it's not an all bullshit book. It lays the ideas and the foundation of these "paranormal" ideas that we all know and many mock of. Some things come backed up with some scientific explanations that get you thinking. It's a really interesting read for anyone who is remotely into how our seemingly endless universe correlates with the microscopic life we witness day to day.

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