Journey to the Whale's Vagina---err I mean San Diego.

Over the weekend my bf and our friends went over to San Diego to visit one of our friend's brother who's working in the Navy out there. I've never actually been to San Diego so it was a nice little trip to a new city. Didn't realize it was THAT close to Mexico. :P The weekend consisted of mostly chillin inside his apt and just hanging out. It was more of a relaxing trip as we didn't plan to do anything costly. I definitely want to check out Legoland or Sea World sometime! Even though we didn't really do much, it was fun hanging out with our friends from SD and playing the Wii U! That thing is so cool. Wish it wasn't $400 though. We went to Hash House since they have one in SD! It's like me and Patrick's favorite place to eat in Vegas! So we were stoked for that. The portions were huge, as always. I basically mega-cheated the entire weekend and probably consumed about 3000 calories a day. LOL. That's what happens when I'm with my friends for an entire weekend. Diet-be-gone. We walked over to a couple of places like Balboa Park and some other place I forget what it was called. Overall, it was a nice relaxing weekend. Even though we didn't do that much while we were there, it was still fun. It's definitely always a treat to escape LA loll.

Giant Chess!

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