Porto's Bakery & Cafe

So for my birthday, I had Porto's for the very first time! I won't get too detailed about the contents of my delicious meal because I think I can let the photos do the talking for me. 
And yes, we did actually have 4 desserts--in one sitting. 
Actually it was 5. 

I didn't take a photo of the other one because it didn't look as nice lol.


AFTERGLOW USB wired XBOX 360 controller

STEAM is having their Holiday sale! Every day until January 3rd, they're having different games on sale. Yesterday I bought Final Fantasy 7 and 8 for the PC! Okay honestly, I know these are old games but 7 was $4 and 8 was $8. How does one say no?

So naturally, I bought a controller to play on my PC. I've actually never played any PC games with a controller so I felt compelled to get a new controller. This isn't an official XBOX controller, which I know a lot of people frown upon since 3rd party controllers tend to be more cheaply made and thus break easier. Unfortunately for me, I'm a creature that is easily lured by 'aesthetics'. You know, like buying something for the packaging. In any case, I read some reviews on Amazon before purchasing these, and they seemed decent. Plus, they're cheaper. Anyway, here it is!

Oh did I mention it glows? Yeah. I'm sucha sucker for translucent, glowing things (as you can tell from my keyboard...). *sigh* It does look pretty damn cool though, right?

Let me know if you've ever bought gaming gear purely because of how it looked and if it absolutely came back to bite you in the ass. lol

Until next time,


GAMELIFE: Would you get a mechanical keyboard? + Semi review of Corsair Vengeance K70

I recently got a Mechanical keyboard, after having my Gateway chiclet keyboard for a good five years....it was time for me to part ways. Despite the fact that my old keyboard had the letters wearing off, I was being really stingy about buying a new keyboard. Plus since I knew gaming was a part of my life, I wanted invest in a good gaming keyboard if anything. My boyfriend decided to buy me a mechanical keyboard for my birthday (and/or Christmas since my bday is on the 22nd ;__;) and I'm pretty happy with it so far. 


170/365: Inner stripes

I've had this obsession with Kate Spade for a while and I realized it was because 'she' and I both share this love for black and white stripes! I love the subtlety of stripes on handbags, especially when it's on the interior. It just gives an interesting contrast that makes it that much less boring. Of course, this bag is not from Kate Spade. I actually picked it up at TJ Maxx for about $40 as my main carry-all. And I've been using it mainly when I'm traveling somewhere far or going to school. Great bag, great price, and interior stripes. Perfect.


Beauty In The Mundane: Lazy Sunday afternoon

Another relaxing weekend up in Oxnard. I took some photos of the little flowers that grow in those ugly hedge bushes in people's yards. There was really nothing else to photograph where I was that I haven't photographed already, but you can always capture nature. Plus, photographing mundane things is kind of my forte. Mostly because I never have anything interesting to photograph and when there is something interesting, I don't know how to capture it.

I was supposed to work on my midterm stuff Sunday but I left my macbook charger at home. But you know what, I needed the break. I needed to just relax and take it easy. A little R&R never hurt anyone.

Then Monday rolled around as fast as I could blink. And the daily grind continues.


Design project: Magazine cover

Recreating magazine covers has never been an interest to me, in my 6+yrs of learning graphic design. Which is odd because I always buy magazines as a source of visual inspiration. I guess in a way it seemed really 'played out' since it's one of the most commonly designed things. Not to sound hipster or anything.....

(I just did.......)

Since I'm working on my portfolio, I'm trying to create some versatility. Since I never actually designed a magazine cover, I thought--hell, why not. I even went on to design a little fashion article for it, which took me way longer than I had anticipated.
The cover itself didn't take very long to design, but it does take a lot more thought than you would think. I always thought 'pff' a magazine cover is probably one of the easiest things to design, but boy was I wrong. If you want it to look nice, not boring, and somewhat original, it will definitely take some thought.

First you'll need some inspiration. I went with a fashion magazine, because that's what I love! And holy hell do I have a lot of them.
I used some handy little 'post its' to mark the pages I find the best inspiration from.

I made up the magazine because it seemed like it would be more legit that way. Also, I totally didn't steal this picture of Emma Stone from Vogue magazine........
And here's the fashion article with a bunch of outfits from Emma Stone. I didn't want to do a text based article because I had no idea what I would write about and I didn't want to "Lorem ipsum" it. That's too easy. And although this looks like it was generated with Polyvore, I actually had to construct everything through photoshop. Since you only have a certain given amount of space to work with, you have to consider the composition. I thought it would be easy to just put all the outfits in a section, until I had to put text in. Oh God....I give so much more respect to magazine designers now.

It took me about four hours on this ONE PAGE alone (including the time it took me to gather the resources) but then again, I am really bad at LAYOUTS in general, so inadvertently this turned out to be a challenge for me. Oh well. Good learning experience. I have learned I still hate doing layout.


Day 136: Tiny Beauty

One of my favorite things about photography is the ability to 'macro' shoot objects. This means no matter how tiny an object may seem to the human eye, a camera can always capture the essence of that object through a macro view (aka, zoomed up, with a background blur to differentiate the object from the background). This is probably one of the tiniest flowers I had ever seen, which I mistook as weed (not that kinda weed.....) And I remember why I love photography again.


Day 127: Shinsengumi

Late post, but here it is anyway!
Another ramen post but I've actually rarely eat ramen so it was a nice treat away from my Keto diet. Went last weekend with some friends from out of state who haven't had REAL Japanese style ramen before! Shinsengumi opened up in Little Tokyo and it's not as good as Daikokuya in my opinion (my fav ramen joint) but it's good because you can get noodle refills and have a bunch of toppings in your ramen. It's not the best choice of food on these hot summer days, but it's definitely a delicious choice for a sodium fix!


Day 118: Oxnard has stuff now

Okay, I'm totally late on a bunch of photo updates......but better late than never? Amirite??? 
Last weekend I went to Oxnard with the bf to visit his dad. There's really nothing to do in Oxnard but recently they built an outdoor mall/entertainment center off the freeway so now the city finally has something nice to look at. They also opened up a GEN Korean bbq place, which we went to for dinner. What I liked most about the place was the interior. The food was okay. The price is expensive though.

After dinner we walked around a bit. They're starting to put in some interesting artwork and structures around, so they really mean business to liven up this place! Can't wait to see how the center looks in a couple of months. Right now there aren't many stores open yet, but I assume it's going to be pretty amazing when it's all completed. 

If you've ever been to Victoria Gardens up in Rancho Cucamonga or The Irvine Spectrum, the layout of the place is kind of like that: Outdoor mall with high end and mid end stores with a movie theater and plenty of eateries.


Day 108: THAT IS NOT CORAL......

Another Urban Outfitters polish I picked up called "LOVE LETTER". 


The color is supposed to be "coral" (that's how it looks in the bottle) but when I put it on, my fingers look bright neon orange! I actually have a wallet that is more or less the same color (come to think of it, I should've taken a photo with that too....). I HATE WHEN BOTTLES LIE TO ME!
And here I thought I had found the perfect little coral colored nail polish since I don't own any dupes. Sad Loraemon is sad. It's like buying a box of chocolates only to find out it's "sugar free". I'd still eat it anyway, and in the same respect, I'll still use this polish. 

I am horrible at analogies. I hear it's part of my "charm"



Day 101: Let's talk about fake baby

Hey I missed my 100th photo a day yesterday. Damn I suck...

Actually, I can't believe it's been 100 days since I started this thing. I know I've skipped a lot of days after like, day 30 or something, but that's life. The important thing is, I'm still somewhat dedicated to it.

Today I'd like to talk about a handbag I got from ebay, as well as throwing in my two cents on replicas. Now, I know some of you (gurlz) seeing this might be thinking, "eew is that a knock off Bal???" but in my mind I'm like, "it's a cheap stylish bag mthrfckr...." I don't want to come off trashy to those of you who are sensitive about "replicas" and whatnot, but I just want you to know that this isn't a "replica", it's "inspired". 
And yes, my post IS going to be about handbags. The male readers probably already left before even getting to this part, so I think I will progress with this post just as planned......


Day 98: What's on my coffee table?

I posted about my coffee table a little while back (here) but I wanted to show a little visual change. Since it's summer time, I'm all about those fun colors! Well, really I just keep getting new books and subscriptions to ELLE DECOR to put on my table, but it's all about the little things!


Day 97: Kate Spade: Things We Love

I've been eyeing this book like mad for the last couple of months. I've been trying to be mindful of my money these days since I'm still job hunting, but the designer in me got the best of me. Buy.com had a sale on this book for $20 + free shipping! I couldn't pass that up. (The book retails for $40, although Amazon has been selling them for $25) 
Three things lead me to love this book: For one, even if I could afford to blow hundreds of dollars on a designer bag, I'm very VERY picky about handbags. Like, I hate almost every bag from Louis Vuitton. I hate the monogram design on any kind of brands, but hey, that's just me. I think the only line of LV bags I like are their vernis leather bags, only because I really like patent leather. On the other hand, I almost always love Kate Spade's line of handbags each year. It's kind of rare for me to like a lot of things from one designer. Usually, I like one or two of a designer's style. And for me, it's not just about the 'look' of the bag, I'm OCD about the shapes and sizes and the small details. Anyway, TL;DR, I LOVE KATE SPADE. So there's reason 'one'. 
Reason two, I got a good sample of this book through other bloggers, and I knew I would love this book as a designer. Each chapter is color coordinated, and that to me already wins me over. 
Reason three is simple; bright pink coffee table book that's extra large. What's not for me to love? 


Day 96: Frosted Sprinkle Galaxy

I suck at coming up with names for my manicures =X 
I wanted to experiment with my polishes more since I tend to just use one kind of color and be boring like that. I picked up a couple of glitter polishes from Urban Outfitters the other day and thought it would be fun to try some glitter looks. 

Base color: Lime Crime - Lavendairy 
Top color: Urban Outfitters - Chilly (glitter)
Tips: China Glaze - Lorelei's Tiara 
Top coat: Seche Vite 

Shoutout to Eileen for inspiring me to experiment with my polishes. :) 



Favorite color for the summer: Coral 

CORAL/PEACH/SALMON: It's a combination of light red and light pink and it's a subtle, fun, and fruity color! 

What's your favorite Summer color this year?


Day 89: Why can't Americans have cute packaging for common household things?

DAISO opened up in Koreatown a week ago or so. I was super excited because I loved the Daiso in San Fran and was hoping LA could have something like that too. Especially with Little Tokyo kinda dying out as being "authentic Japanese", I was sad there would only be less and less Japanese goods stores. But lo and behold, the amazeballs Daiso now exists in LA. 

FYI, Daiso is like a dollar store except everything is $1.50. 

Most of the things are just common household things you can probably find at Target or the dollar store, but if you know me, I'm a sucker for package design and Japan has probably some of the best package designs I've seen. Not only do they have great packaging for great products, they have great packaging for the cheap, simple things as well and I love that! 

My sweet haul of Daiso goods
Seriously....floor wipes....in cute hearts and pink packaging. This is why I love Japanese packaging.
This is a lint roller LOL ^


Day 84: The little macbook that could

A few days ago I was playing Aion, doing a quest, when suddenly my PC (desktop) just shut off without any notice. 'DUFUQ' right? I tried turning my computer back on but it wouldn't turn on and knew something was wrong. Le bf was afraid it was 'dead-dead' and that made me panic because pretty much all my photos and a lot of my work was on that computer. We took it to Computer Hospital (aka Fry's) and they took it in for a few days. I felt lost and alone without it for some reason, even though there are plenty of times where I'm completely without my PC.

I didn't necessarily care about my games, but I was just worried that something would happen to the hard drive and all my stuff would get wiped. I turned to my macbook for guidance and needless to say, rekindled my relationship with it once again. At some point in my life I only had my macbook and I used it for everything. These days I only use it when I'm on the bed, feeling extra lazy before bed.

Fry's called us back on Friday and told us that the power supply died. So now my desktop is running again and all is good. Now, the smart thing to do is grab an external hard drive or flash drive and SAVE ALL MY SHIT FROM THIS DESKTOP. But you know me, I don't ever learn my lessons.

No but seriously, I should save my stuff...........


Day 77: Bananas OP

This is another League of Legends reference. My cat, Jax, was named after a character in LoL and that banana was from Riot swag I got when I visited the office.

"Bananas op" is a joke the LoL community came up with. There's a champion named Soraka that uses a wand in the shape of a crescent, and the abilities show up as little crescents that look like bananas. "OP" means "over powered" which is a phrase people like to use to describe some abilities in this game that are too powerful or do a lot of damage. It sounds stupid when you try and explain it as a non player, but I tried. 


Day 71: Preparing for dreaded heat plague aka "Summer"

Patrick and I have been going crazy over Uniqlo lately. They just have the best fit, the simple look we like, and the best prices for what you get. I'm a Winter fiend and I hate hot weather, so my closet is actually filled with like 70% Fall/Winter clothes and like 20% Spring-ish-neutral-weather-for-California clothes and the remaining is my sorry amount of Summer time clothes. But since the AC system in our apt sucks and when it's hot it gets REALLY unbearably hot in the apt, I just said EFF IT. I'm getting summer clothes. Plus, everything on Uniqlo that we ordered was on sale and is super cheap.

If I lived in a perfect world, it would be 68 degrees all the time, anytime. I really can't stand hot weather at all. I'd rather it be cold than hot, because you can always keep warm if it's cold. There's only so much you can take off when it's hot......

At least the summers in Cali are not like the summers in the east coast. I used to live in Virginia and Florida, and on top of it being hot in the summer it's HUMID. *shudder* it's like the worst combination. Summers in California are dry, which also is annoying but it's better than sweating on top of your sweat and feeling sticky. I usually try to hibernate in the summer so I won't get a tan, lol but that never ends up happening and I always get super dark. Cursessss!!


66/365: Summer days are coming

I've been working all week on my online portfolio and haven't really had time to do anything else. I mean really. I haven't touched Aion in like 3 days! A few days ago, the weather was crazy hot here in SoCal. I was seriously dying in my apt because it was so hot. It's gotten much cooler now but it's still fairly warm. Stepping outside really reminds me that Summer is almost here. Summer always gives me nostalgia of all the fun things I used to do while I was still in K-12. Back then, I actually had a Summer and boy was it something every kid looked forward to. Can you deny all the excitement you had knowing that you had three months off from school to do whatever you want? It was the best feeling in the whole world. As an adult, the thought of 'Summer' changed in meaning, at least for me. It has no longer become something to look forward to because I don't really have a "Summer break". Since I started college, it was either I had classes in the Summer or work in the Summer, so it always felt the same. The only thing I was bracing for was the heat. But even though that's how I feel about Summer time, I still think the positive part of Summer is just remembering good times. As sad as that sounds, when it's Summer time, I really do bask in the past, and then it's straight back to reality. 
I took this photo from the LA county fair about two Summers ago. There are the occasional events in my adult life where Summer still has its charm. Besides, after Summer is my favorite season: Autumn!!


I have to admit, as the days go on with this project, I tend to forget a lot more about posting a photo each day. I think I'll stop putting photos in the day after if I miss a day and just let that day be missed lol. One of the things that I was afraid of doing with this project is losing 'meaning' behind each photo a day. The point is not to just post a random photo but actually post something that either refers to that day or something you were thinking about. So far, I have posted filler photos of things I was thinking about that day, but there are the occasional "random dump" of photos that I admittedly post here. So long story short, I'm opting for quality over quantity. 

Speaking of "quality", I have to admit that I've been lacking some 'spirit' in taking actual new photographs for the day. I know I tell people you don't need a dslr or a fancy camera to do something like this, but I'm also just very OCD about quality. Most of my compact's photos are very grainy and low quality, but look "decent" when I post them on my blog because I do a lot of post processing through photoshop. It is more of a challenge, but it's also quite annoying when I just want to post a photo without having to sit there and edit for 20mins. But a nicer camera is a complete luxury right now and it really isn't realistic to think about with my current budget; plus I don't want to opt for a cheap entry level DSLR. $400 may be "cheap" for a DSLR, but I'd rather save that money and get the one I want with a better lens. So to be honest, even though I've taken some photos with my cam, I couldn't stand the quality enough to post it up. I mean really, they were that bad. A part of the challenge with a compact is also that there is no viewfinder and I don't get a very accurate representation through the screen. Anyway, I could go on about my annoyances with cameras and camera quality, but I'll save that for a rainy day. /rant


64/365: Getting Pirate syndrome from lack of sleep......my eye is all like wtfdizzle

Today I end the reign of terrible quality photo-a-day photos and pull in a good ole throw back photo that I took with a DSLR. As much as I love my compact and am trying oh so hard to save up before splurging on a expensive camera again, I have to admit that there is no match for a dslr quality image. 

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, I spent the last 7+hrs working on my online portfolio. I've been holding off on it for years, literally. Which is neither smart or convenient when I want to show people my stuff. I've just been using a printed portfolio, which is good too, but that thing is HEAVY and it's not convenient at all. Besides, what am I, living in the 60's?? I NEED an online portfolio. I actually had a somewhat portfolio on tumblr for a while, then progressed to blogspot, and now--well, it's a secret, but when it's finally sorta done, I'll let you guys know. 

I should be sleeping because obviously, I have not slept yet, but I felt compelled to post my photo a day today because I think this photo is really pretty and reminds me why I'm a graphic designer. I can edit the shit out of the ugliest photographs and they can come out looking special. Now that's magic. 


61/365: Love always, Vegas

It feels like everyone is in Vegas this weekend. Actually, who am I kidding? Everyone is in Vegas every weekend. When you live in So Cal, Vegas becomes one of those places that we SoCalian's like to consider a 'mini vaca spot'. No matter how many times I've been to Vegas, I can never get tired of it. There is just something about being there that makes you feel like you're far away from ordinary life, even if it's only a mere 4hr drive. 


Day 60: Pretty stars and shallow needs

HWUAT two photos???!! *flips table*

Yeah, but I did it because I just couldn't NOT show the cuteness of these little star beads. 

I really miss that XZ-1. That 1.8 f stop was mad sexy and produced some of the best shallowest depth of field photos I have seen in EVER. Sadly, I only had it in my possession for a short while. I ended up choosing my LX5 over it because it had focusing issues. But let's forget about the camera for a second and just glorify how much of a star fiend I am.

FYI: "F-stop" controls your field of view. In short, the lower the f-stop number, the more focus your foreground is and the blurrier your background will be. The higher the f-stop number, the wider your area of focus will be. How much focus or how little focus depends on the lens type you use.

Making the best out of shitty cellphone photos

Even though my camera is already compact, I'm the type of person that doesn't like carrying around a lot of things with them. I think I envy guys in that respect. At least they don't really have to worry about purses, which are expensive and cumbersome at times. Anyway, there are times when I'm going somewhere and I either forget to bring my camera or I just don't want to, so then I rely on my phone to capture any moments.

Not that my phone's camera is bad, but it's definitely not that great. In fact, my old Rhyme with its dinky 5 megapixels had better image quality than the S3, but that's just my opinion. I would've gotten the HTC One if it was available for Verizon since it seems like HTC knows whats up when it comes to cameras on phones. Grr...but that's a-whole-nother topic to talk about another day. My point is, I've had my gripes with cellphone quality photos, but sometimes it's all you have and it doesn't mean you can't make it work.

I'm no photographer, so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I do find that pictures tend to look better on camera phones when you try taking things in a different perspective. Don't treat your phone like it's just a phone. Pretend you're holding an amazing, fancy SLR camera and WORK IT.


Day 59: Feelin kinda fruity

I started doing Keto with my boyfriend, and the one thing I miss eating the most isn't even bread or cookies! I miss eating froyo and fruit!! 

You can have some fruits on Keto, in very small amounts, but I've just been aching for some real fruit. I love eating bananas like on the daily, so it's really hard for me to resist fruit. All I know is, the first thing I eat when I get off Keto is some yogurtland with a lot of FRUIT!

FYI: Keto is basically Atkins (high fat, low carb)


Day 58: Alone isn't always a bad thing

I walk this road alone. 

Not because I have no one to walk it with, 
but because I choose to walk alone. 

Our society has this very blatant depiction of 'loneliness' in that it's a very negative thing. 
How many people our age would go watch a movie by themselves? And if you see people watching a movie at the theater by themselves, you might be thinking or saying, "aw that's sad". But is it? 

When "Inception" came out a couple of years ago, I watched it with friends. It was so fascinating to me that I watched it a second time with a couple of other friends. But there were things that bothered me even the second time around, so I went on to watch it for a third time, only this time I watched it by myself. Am I so 'cool' and antisociety, that I didn't give a damn about what people thought of me? Uh...yeah...of course. Nah, actually I thought about it numerous times before. I'm even admittedly, one of those people who thinks "aww that's sad" when I see people at a theater alone. But when I went in to watch Inception, I was DETERMINED. It wasn't that I cared what people thought and went alone anyway, it was more the fact that I wasn't thinking about it at all. I just wanted to see the damn movie because I KNEW the outcome of the ending was hidden in there somewhere and I was bothered that I didn't catch it the second time. 

When I watched it for the third time, I enjoyed it ten fold. I walked out of the theater, walking with my ipod on, listening to Hans Zimmer's mind altering soundtrack. I didn't even know where I was walking but I kept walking and thinking about the movie. I enjoyed thinking to myself. It was like, I was having this philosophical convo with myself and it felt refreshing. 
After that, I definitely knew that I wouldn't mind going to social places alone if I really wanted to. 

The point is, I do like doing things alone sometimes. I don't know, it gives me a sense of self I guess. It makes me feel like I can bond with myself and not have to put myself out there for others. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and of course, I do feel lonely when I'm always by myself, but having time to yourself is important and it shouldn't be about what people will think about you. If I could, I would go to Disneyland by myself--probably to eat food there and come back lol. I feel like, if something calls out to you and you desperately want to go but no one wants or can come with you, GO ANYWAY. DO it anyway. Maybe it's your soul calling out to you for attention. Maybe you have surrounded yourself with company too often and your soul is lost as the outcome. Whatever you want to make of it, there is nothing wrong with a little "me time". You'd be surprised how much you learn about yourself. 


Day 57: Nostalgia

In grade school we had this playground with an awesome tire swing that could fit 2 or 3 kids at once. And a bunch of us would go on there while the rest of the kids would push the tire swing around until it was spinning out of control. Usually it would end up in at least one person getting motion sickness and puking. I think I puked twice. I really hated that thing after a while.......but I kept going on it anyway.

Good times.............