Misc Vegas edits

Here are a couple more edits that I did while at Vegas that are kinda misc. :)

Mmm Macaroons! Payard is home to some luxury chocolate and sweets! Located at Caesar's Palace.

Cakepops are one of my favorite desserts! Not only do they taste good, they look cute too! This was at Jean-Phillipes sweets store (I forget the actual name) located at Aria.

More macaroons please! This was from the dessert bar at Wicked Spoon buffet! Located at The Cosmopolitan.

Couldn't walk by these sparkling pieces without a capture! Love the Alexander McQueen inspired clutches! Located at the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood.

It's Autumn ya'll! So expect to see a lot of Autumn inspired interior decorations if you're planning a trip to Vegas this Fall. I love the fake grapes here. They look so real! Located at The Venetian.

Arghh matey! A secret pirate's cove right in the middle of Vegas you say? This was part of the ship's flag on display near Treasure Island.

More Autumn decorations! This one was taken at The Bellagio gardens! They change up the scenery there every season.

If you've been to Vegas, you'll notice the overpass walkways have plexiglass that keep you from jumping off the overpass. It's really annoying sometimes because the best views of Vegas are sometimes on those overpasses but the plexiglass protector glares reflections so you can't really take nice photos. I thought this was an interesting take at that though. Here I'm standing at the overpass walkaway between The Wynn and The Palazzo. There was some interesting writing or scratching on the plexiglass and I thought it would make for an interesting photo.

And yours truly! I was freaking obsessed with this mirror above my bed! haha! I was staying at Caesar's Palace and I've never been in a hotel that has a mirror above the bed. I'm pretty sure the intentions for them are.....well.....for private enjoyment...lol but for camerawhores, this is awesome okay! It's like, someone took my photograph from the ceiling. I'll just say that's what happened. :P

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