On the ferry from Port Angeles towards Seattle. The view is awesome. :3

We discovered this super cute cupcake place! They have yummy salted caramel ice cream! If you know anything about Seattle is that they take pride in their "seasalt" and it's damn good. 
The famous Pike's Place fish market

We had lunch here. Scallop and garlic fries :3 No photos cuz I was too sleepy lol

A nice photo of me and my bf Patrick. We never take pictures so this is a rarity. lol


Patrick's mom lives out in Port Angeles, Washington. It's basically in buttf**k middle of nowhere like literally. If you've ever seen or read 'Twilight' they filmed some parts in this area and it's like a really small town. There's not much to do but I love Pat's mom so it's totally worth it. XD She cooks us bomb food. HOMG. I can't even begin to talk about that right now especially with our empty fridge ;____; 

We spent a week there but we mostly just stayed home and chilled. On our last day back, which was actually today.....we had a huge gap between our flight time so we had time to check out Seattle and stuff again. I love the 75degrees weather over there, while California has been dying of heat stroke. lol. I definitely do not look forward to going back to school. I have so much freaking homework it's ridiculous. Le sigh. Even though I hate the heat in Cali right now, I kinda missed being back in Cali. I guess I'm a true city girl afterall! I also am having incredible withdrawals from not seeing my Jaxxy poo :( my kitty cat!!! I missed him soooooo much. I'm home now but I still can't see him because he's back at Pat's dad's place in Oxnard, which is like 2hrs from where we live. We probably won't pick him up until Friday night or Saturday night :( Who knew I'd be so attached to my kitty. I used to really dislike cats. But after all, Jax is my baby. <3

Oh and we also watched The Candidate with Will Ferrell and Zack Galifrankaijals;dka......ok I never remember how to spell his name T___T but I love that guy! The movie was okay. I thought it could do without the raunchy humor because I kinda hate raunchy humor unless it's done in a subtle or in a really exaggerated way. But it was a good way to kill time and I still laughed. 

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